Minnesota Secretary Of State - Public Benefit Corporation Annual Reports 2023
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Public Benefit Corporation Annual Reports 2023

2023 Public Benefit Corporation Annual Reports

The public benefit corporation listed below filed annual reports describing their benefit mission, their activities in calendar year 2022, the barriers they faced in making progress, and the progress that they achieved in that year. Click on the corporation name to see the report. 

Ballinger Leafblad SBC

Living Ark SBC 

Cogent Consulting SBC

Lindy McClure Design SBC

Minnepura Technologies SBC

Platform Commercial Real Estate SBC

Lovejoy's Bloody Mary Mix SBC


The Forum for Constitutional Tights GBC

thedatabank GBC

AV Hospitality SBC

Just Housing SBC 

Living Proof Advocacy Inc SBC

University Financial Corp GBC

Dedicated Financial GBC

Earth Scout GBC

Vetiver Solutions SBC

Apparatus GBC

Traverse Counseling & Consulting GBC

CD3 General Benefit Corporation

Phoenix Rise Coaching and Consulting GBC



Viridi Group SBC

Binary Bridge SBC

Professional Data Analysts GBC

OfferingTree SBC 

CR-Building Performance Specialists GBC

Guardian School security System SBC

HumanitarianHR SBC

goodlandia general benefit corporation

Malco Products SBC

Iuvo Companies SBC

Ten Thirty Environmental Solutions SBC 

Simek's SBC

HB Healthcare Safety SBC


Events By Lady K GBC

Watershed Partners GBC

Hippy Feet GBC 

Centered Wealth GBC 

Balance Point Strategy SBC

Fair Anita SBC

Hoyo SBC 

The Improve Group SBC

Other Half Processing SBC

Showcraft GBC

Research and Development Laboratories General Benefit Corporation

The Station GBC 

ClipDifferent GBC

Quality Bicycle Products GBC

Academy for Women's Empowerment SBC

Can Can Wonderland SBC

Healthy Share GBC

Ecotone Analytics GBC

Adventure Creative Group, GBC


Nova Group GBC

Element Boxing and Fitness SBC

Cloudburst SBC

Kinosol SBC

Black Women's Wealth Alliance SBC

Catalyst Mental Health SBC

Portia's Desk SBC

Pura Vida Elite Training SBC

Via Vita SBC

Trade Center of the Americas GBC

Guidance with a Purpose General Benefit Corporation

Eat for Equity Catering SBC

Butter Bakery Cafe GBC

Shade Tree Financial SBC

Beehive Strategic Communication GBC

Russell Herder GBC

Evergreen Collective GBC

Stone Saloon SBC

Minnesota Center for Systemic Constellations GBC

Shema GBC

Dark Clouds GBC

Software for Good GBC

Inner Embrace Wellness GBC

Catalyst Books & Gifts SBC

Minnesota Soccer Holdings GBC

La Dona SBC

Noor Companies GBC

Noor Construction GBC

Space Defense Realities SBC

Shudder Books Corporation SBC

The Better Berry Pie Co GBC

SolarHoney SBC

Seraph 7 Studios SBC

First Aid for Nurses SBC

Effect Partners GBC

Voices of Effective Change GBC - Reinstatemnent

Pimento Relief Services SBC - Reinstatement

PreLease SBC- Reinstatement

Flava Cafe General Benefit Corporation- Reinstatement

iPondr SBC - Reinstatement

Fulcrum Impact Group SBC- Reinstatement 

Technologist Computers SBC- Reinstatement  

Honour Essentials GBC- Reinstatement

Perennial Pantry SBC - Reinstatement