Minnesota Secretary Of State - State, county and local roles
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Important Changes to Office Operations: COVID-19 Information

State, county and local roles

Local election officials manage elections with support from the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State.

Office of the Secretary of State’s key roles

  • Certify election equipment.
  • Administer the Statewide Voter Registration System.
  • Provide technical assistance to local election officials.
  • Monitor compliance of state election laws.

County’s key roles

  • Process voter registration applications.
  • Ballot layout and printing.
  • Apply or remove challenges to voter records.
  • Purchase and maintain supplies and election equipment, including accessible voting equipment.
  • Program and test all voting equipment.
  • Issue absentee ballots.
  • Forward election violations to law enforcement for investigation.
  • Train and certify city, township and school district local election officials.
  • Compile election results and transmit to the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State website.
  • Conduct post-election audits.

City, town and school district key roles

  • Set precinct boundaries and secure polling locations.
  • Hire election judges and assign to precincts.
  • Train and certify election judges, if delegated by county.
  • Administer health care facility absentee voting.
  • Administer absentee balloting, if delegated by county.