Minnesota Secretary Of State - Order of names and offices on the ballot
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Order of names and offices on the ballot

For the office of president and vice president of the United States, major party candidates are listed first on the ballot in reverse order of the party's average vote in the last election. Minor party partisan candidates are listed after major parties in an order determined at random after all candidates are filed. (Minnesota Statutes 204D.13, subd. 2)

For other partisan offices and all nonpartisan offices, candidate ballot order is determined at random before the election (Minnesota Statutes 204D.08, subd. 3), and rotated according to the Candidate Rotation Algorithm found in Minnesota Rules 8220.0825, subp. 3.

For judicial offices for a specific court, those with only one filed candidate will appear after other offices for that court. (Minnesota Statutes 204D.14, subd. 3)