Minnesota Secretary Of State - Voter outreach materials
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Voter outreach materials

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State offers a range of nonpartisan voter education materials for use in community outreach. Download and print the items below, or include on websites, social media and email. Many items are available for online ordering and shipping at no cost.

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Voter registration applications

Download and print copies for a voter registration drive or other outreach effort.

The pre-registration deadline is 21 days before Election Day, please instruct voters how to register on Election Day.


Absentee ballot applications

Download and print copies for voters who want to vote by mail. Any voter in Minnesota can vote early by absentee ballot, regardless of whether they will be home on Election Day.


Download and print these factsheets (5.5” x 8.5”), or use on websites, social media and email.

Precinct caucuses

How to Vote

New Voters

Election Day Registration

Vote Early by Absentee Ballot

Know Your Rights

Time Off Work to Vote

Voter Assistance

Military and Overseas Voters

College Students

Voting with a Criminal Record

Primary Election

Students Abroad