Minnesota Secretary Of State - Teacher's Guide for Registering Students to Vote
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Teacher's Guide for Registering Students to Vote

General guidelines

  1. Allow enough time in class. Give students enough time to complete the application and ask questions.
  2. Online registration is preferable. Registering online is quicker and easier, and doesn’t require you or students to return a paper application.
  3. Return paper applications on time. If you do use paper applications, collect them and mail them back. To be valid, they must be received by election officials within 10 days of when they are signed.
  4. Resolve questions about eligibility. If a student isn’t sure they are eligible to register, instruct them to wait. You or the student can call the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office at 1-877-600-VOTE for basic questions about voter eligibility.
  5. Students will need to register at their polling place if the election is less than three weeks away. Pre-registration closes 21 days before the election. Anyone not registered at that time will need to register at their polling place and show proof of residence.

Who can register?

  • Students who are 16-and 17-years-old can pre-register to vote. Their registration is put in a queue and becomes active on their 18th birthday.
  • Students who are 18-years-old can register to vote.
  • In addition, the student must be: 
    • A U.S. citizen.
    • A resident of Minnesota for at least 20 days.
    • Not currently incarcerated serving a felony sentence.
  • Students can vote while under guardianship unless a judge specifically has revoked their right to vote.

Registration applications

Register online with the online voter registration application, or download applications to print and distribute.

Returning completed applications

  1. Check for legibility. The county election official may not be able to process the application if it can't be read.
  2. Check that all required fields are complete.
  3. Make sure the application is received by election officials within 10 days of the signature date. Mail or drop off applications to the correct county election office or to:

    Secretary of State
    First National Bank Building
    332 Minnesota Street, Suite N201
    Saint Paul, MN 55101