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Redistricting is the process of redrawing the boundaries of election districts to ensure that the people of each district are equally represented.

Redistricting is done in the United States after the completion of Congressional reapportionment, which decides how many seats each state has in the 435 member House of Representatives. Reapportionment happens following the Decennial Census.

Find Redistricting Plans

New plans are being passed in Minnesota at different levels of government. The Redistricting Changes webpage has links to congressional, legislative, city ward, county commissioner, and other plans that OSS has been notified of.

In Minnesota, the state legislature has constitutional responsibility for redistricting Minnesota's Congressional districts, as well as Minnesota Senate and House districts, and Metropolitan Council districts. Local governments are responsible for redistricting other election districts:

  • County boards are responsible for redistricting county commissioner districts
  • City councils are responsible for redistricting city wards
  • School boards are responsible for redistricting board member districts

In addition, during the redistricting time period, cities and townships will establish (or reestablish) their precinct boundaries as part of the redistricting process, as will counties that have unorganized territory. For details of laws and dates relevant to redistricting, see the Redistricting Guide produced by the Secretary of State. Minnesota House Research has produced Redistricting Publications that may also be helpful resources.

Redistricting and the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State

Although it does not draw any boundaries, the Secretary of State does have some specific redistricting-related responsibilities in Minnesota Statutes:

  • Minnesota Statutes 2.91:
    • Receive and distribute state redistricting plan after adopted
    • Order corrections to the state redistricting plan
  • Minnesota Statutes 204B.146:
    • Conduct redistricting training for local governments
    • Maintain database of precinct and district boundaries
    • Produce maps illustrating precinct and election district boundaries
    • Adjust election district boundaries in certain cases


Redistricting Training

As part of the redistricting training required by statute, the Secretary of State has produced the Redistricting Guide as a detailed guide to local redistricting, and the online trainings below to help election administrators, the public, and other stakeholders understand the redistricting process in Minnesota.

Find Redistricting Data

Redistricting Data Tables from data.census.gov

P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data from U.S. Census

Reformatted Redistricting Data from State Demographic Center

2020 Redistricting page and Redistricting Data from Legislative GIS office