Minnesota Secretary Of State - Polling Place Posters
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Polling Place Posters

These posters may be printed by election administrators for use in Minnesota polling places.

Posters in English

The polling place posters were updated early in 2020 to include two posters for the Presidential Nomination Primary (PNP). The "COVID Health and Safety" poster was produced later in 2020. The pages are 13" x 19" but can also be printed on letter size (8.5" x 11") using "Print to Fit." The

The "Polling Place Posters to Voters" file includes the following fourteen pages:

  • Handicapped Election Day Parking
  • Handicapped Entrance
  • Ballot Marker
  • Voting Arrow (Right)
  • Voting Arrow (Left)
  • Vote Here - Polls Open
  • Register to Vote Here
  • Prohibitions
  • Notice to Primary Voters
  • How to Vote
  • Felony Record & Voting
  • Election Day Registration
  • "See ID" on Roster
  • Voter's Bill of Rights
  • Notice to Primary Voters (PNP)
  • How to Vote (PNP)

Posters in Other Languages

Note these posters use an older design.