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Veterans Tributes G - K

In honor of Robert Gabrielson, Navy - Served in Vietnam

Hometown: Hibbing (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Sarah Gabrielson)

My dad, who served in Vietnam, never let me forget my responsibility to vote. I now vote to honor his service to our country and to make sure that my kids have the freedom that he fought for.

In honor of Israel Garcia

Hometown: Long Beach California (Submitted October 8, 2008 by Wendy Lynn)

Israel, I will never forget. Killed when his outpost was overrun in Afghanistan. 24 years old. Too young.

In honor of Sgt Matthew Garvey, Marine Corps - Served during the World Trade Center Casualty

Hometown: NY (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Bruce Quimby)

Sgt. Garvey was a respected member of B company, 7th command, MCHS HI. I was proud to have served with and honored to have known him, sad he is not with us but proud of his efforts in the fight on terrorism as I'm sure his family and everyone who knew him is. YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!! OOHRAH AND SEMPER FI

In honor of Walter Gaschott, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Whitestone, New York (Submitted August 21, 2008 by Nancy Gaschott)

My dad served during World War II with the Army's "Big Red One.”Although he rarely talked about his service, our summer vacations were spent exclusively visiting one army buddy or other throughout the northeast. They fought in North Africa and Italy before preparing in England for the D-Day invasion. My dad's unit landed at Omaha Beach at 6:30 on the morning of D-Day. He remembered taking cover behind sand dunes and later how difficult the hedgerows of Normandy were to navigate around. He spent the last phases of the war in Belgium and finally Czechoslovakia. When he came home he married a neighborhood girl who had loved him since they were children and settled into factory work, fishing on weekends and raising a family -- a kind, generous, gentle man: my hero.

In honor of Sergeant John Gathje, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Wayne, NE (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jon Gathje)

My grandpa.

In honor of Dick Gelbmann, US Army - Served in World War II

(Submitted August 11, 2008 by Jim Gelbmann)

On Sunday afternoon, December 7, 1941, Dick Gelbmann and his high school friends were playing cards when they heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Although only 17-years-old, these young men decided that they would drop out of school and enlist in the Army the following morning. With his Grandparent's permission (his legal guardians), Dick arrived at the Army offices in St. Paul early Monday morning. Dick eventually was sent to Europe to fight under the command of General Patton. Although he saw significant combat during the Battle of the Bulge and was holed up for weeks at a time in fox holes on the front lines, Dick rarely talked about his combat experiences. Instead he focused on the more humane experiences, such as the ride across the Atlantic in a captured Italian freighter - where each man was allowed to spend only 15 minutes each day on deck breathing fresh air. He raved about the quality of the Army food - one of the few soldiers who actually liked the food. And he spoke about the ride back to the states on the Queen Mary after Germany surrendered. It was only after my dad's death in 2003 that I discovered his Army medals - including a bronze star, awarded to soldiers who distinguished themselves by heroic or meritorious achievement or service. My dad answered the call to service, but was one of many soldiers who opted to not share the horrific experiences of war with his family.

In honor of Matthew Giersdorf, US Army - Served in Iraq

Hometown: Moose Lake (Submitted September 18, 2008 by Carla Giersdorf)

My son, Matthew, served in Iraq for 15 months as a field medic. He returned home in June, 2008. It was at that time that we realized the stress we had been under. Many people said "you must be so happy". . . however, it was not happy that we were feeling, but instead relieved. Not happy, because other parents still have sons and daughters there. We are so very proud and honored that our son chose to serve our country! We want to thank ALL veterans from ALL wars. . . Thank You! God Bless our Country and our Freedom!

In honor of Sgt George Griffin, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: St. Paul (Submitted September 29, 2008 by Mary Hamilton)

George was 31, married with 2 children when he was drafted. He served with pride and when he came home, and for the rest of his life, he was a proud American and always had a flag raised high in the front yard.

In honor of Travis Grimm, Marine Corps

(Submitted October 31, 2008 by Peg Chemberlin)

As Travis gets ready for his third tour of duty in Iraq we will vote, in order that democracy is never taken for granted and we will vote that this soldier's service is also not taken for granted.

In honor of TSgt. Ronald Gunderson, Air Force - Served in Vietnam

Hometown: Winona (Submitted March 1, 2010 by George Gunderson)

To a man whom has paid a heavy price for his country. Who has done his best to keep his health intact due to the after-effects of Agent Orange. As a fellow vet we deal with PTSD the best we can.

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Gary Gustavson, Navy - Served in Vietnam

Hometown: Olivia, Minnesota (Submitted October 20, 2008 by J. Walker)

Gary served in the Navy Mobile Riverine forces in Vietnam for two years. He served with honor and distinction as an officer and holds that time with his friends there very dear. He and all service people who defended our country when called upon deserve our gratitude and praise. It was especially difficult for all those who served in Vietnam because there was no welcome when they got home. They came home to a nation that had not only turned against the war, but the men who were sent to fight it. They were treated with disdain and for that alone we need to honor all our Vietnam veterans. Gary is a great Minnesotan, and a great man.

In honor of Staff Sergeant Vernon Haben, Air Force - Served in Vietnam

Hometown: Circle Pines, MN (Submitted October 3, 2008 by James Haben)

Vernon Haben was a proud American. He believed in serving his country and giving back to those who gave so much to him. He believed in family first and was a very caring and strong man. He believed that every person deserved a good life and he gave his life based on these beliefs. He is loved and cherished by his wife, Marlys and his children, Michelle, James, Tim and Rita. He is greatly missed and for this we honor him during this election.

In honor of E5 Jeremy Hadfield, US Navy

Hometown: Monticello, MN (Submitted October 20, 2008 by Nick Hadfield)

Jeremy, you enrolled in the Navy for the difficult duty of defending our country during the past several years. You are honorable beyond words and our family and country pay tribute to you.

In honor of Staff Sergeant Chris Hagen Jr, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Fairmont, MN (Submitted September 29, 2008 by Suzanne Orcutt)

My dad served in the Army from 1941-1945. He served in the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre, Eniwetok, Saipan, and the Marshall Islands. He received the Bronze Star with Valor for his actions that helped save his fellow soldiers during WWII.

In honor of SSG Ryan Hallberg, US Army -Served in Iraq

Hometown: Andover (Submitted September 15, 2008 by Cheryl Berg)

Ryan Hallberg was deployed to Iraq in 2005. His job was to provide communications within the "Green Zone", however, when he heard of a fellow soldier who had a wife and two children back home and whose job was to be running convoy missions, he volunteered to take that soldier's place so that his fellow soldier had a better chance at returning home unharmed. As a result of his choice, Ryan was hit by an IED and lost a leg. He is truly an American hero.

In honor of Jarrett Halverson, US Army - Serving in Iraq

(Submitted October 31, 2008 by Carol Just)

Dearest Jarrett. I know you are training Iraqi police north of Fallujia. I'm so proud of you, and worried too. With pride I wear my button that says I'm voting In honor of a veteran. Be safe, my dear one. Love. Aunt Carol

In honor of SPC Sarah Hangaard, Army National Guard - Served in Iraq

Hometown: Elk River (Submitted October 1, 2008 by Mike Hangaard)

Sarah served in Iraq for 22 months in 2006-7. She did it without complaint and the Red Bulls accomplished much in getting Iraq's infrastructure back in place. She's headed back this next year to again help the Iraqi people. Well Done!

In honor of Tech Sergeant Phillip Hanger, Air Force - Served in Desert Storm

Hometown: Glendale (Submitted November 1, 2009 by Mary Hanger)

Although Phillip was stationed in Alamogordo, New Mexico at Holloman AFB, he and his squadron supported the war through their technical skills and knowledge. They were on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to support their mission. My husband and every other serviceman's commitment to that war was as valuable as those who were on the front line. My husband volunteered three times to go to Iraq but due to a respiratory illness he was denied. My husband was ready to give up his life for his country and those that served in the United States Air Forces because he believed in freedom. Thank you for your time.

In honor of PFC Daniel Hanson, Army National Guard - Serving in Iraq

Hometown: Detroit Lakes (Submitted September 15, 2008 by Steve Hanson)

I couldn't be prouder of my son who chose to serve his Country by serving in the Armed Forces.

In honor of Captain Jim Hanson, Army National Guard - Served in Kosova

Hometown: Dodge Center (Submitted September 25, 2008 by Derek Skillman)


In honor of Private First Class Erle Hardt, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Richfield, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Paul Hardt)

Erle was in a forward communication unit. He landed D-Day Plus 60. He followed the armies that worked their way through Northern Europe--leap frogging from village to village, as the infantry took town by town. He ended up in Copenhagen, Denmark in December, 1945.

In honor of Corporal Ross Hardt, Army - Served in the Vietnam War

Hometown: Richfield, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Paul Hardt)

Ross was a mechanic with the 1st Air Cav in Viet Nam. He died in a helicopter accident in 1970. He was riding in a helicopter that was flying out to fix a copter that had gone down. He was married and he had a son on the way. He loved baseball. As Ross' brother, I feel fortunate that I have been able to experience so much of life that Ross was not able to experience, such as voting in this election.

In honor of David F. Hart, Army National Guard - Serving in Iraqi War

Hometown: Crosslake, MN (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Michelle Benzick)

I love you little brother. I thank you for your duties and the lord that you came home safe!!!

In honor of Samuel Hass, Army National Guard - Serving in Iraq

Hometown: Burnsville, MN (Submitted September 5, 2008 by Maria Olsen)

Thank you Sam for your dedication and sacrifice in serving your country. We think of you daily and pray for you safe return.

In honor of Christopher Haveri, US Army - Served in Desert Storm

(Submitted August 25, 2008 by Lester and Debra Haveri)

We would like to honor our son, Christopher Haveri. He was one of the very first 112 soldiers of the 82nd Airborne who were sent over to Iraq during Desert Storm. With God at his side, he did his duty and returned home safely.

In honor of Major Bill Hecker, US Army - Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom

(Submitted September 29, 2008 by Jack Scharrett)

Bill was an incredible person and leader. He was a classmate of mine in college and I had the privilege of getting to know him very well and spending great times with him, even though he was a Cardinals fan. After school, Bill went on to lead, mentor and inspire troops as a Field Artillery officer. While he grew as a professional, he grew as a family man increasing both his family at home with 3 children, but being ever more responsible to his professional family: the units he led. In January 2006, that all ended with an IED in Ramadi. Don't let his death be in vain. Let's win in Iraq and Afghanistan to honor those who have given their lives supporting those efforts.

In honor of Pfc Edward Herrgott, Army - Served in Iraq

Hometown: Shakopee, Minnesota (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Jessica Herrgott)

I wish to honor Army Pfc. Edward "Jim" Herrgott. Thank you to all who have, and continue to, protect and serve this great country.

In honor of Major Tad Hervas, Army National Guard - Served three tours in the Iraq War

Hometown: Coon Rapids (Submitted October 26, 2010 by Darrin Mason)

This tribute is to my friend, Major Hervas, whom I have known since my first year in college (31 years ago). He honorably served our nation in three Iraq tours, protecting our individual freedoms through his Air Force and MN Army National Guard careers. He loved the United States of America and serving our Country, thereby protecting the right to vote for each of us. Thanks Major Hervas!I will never forget. I cast my vote this year In honor of your service. As an additional tribute to Major Hervas, his childhood friend; LTC Paul Guelle, who honorably served in the United States Army for over 20 years. Thanks Major Hervas, for all you've done for our great nation. "

In honor of Electrician First Class, Vernon John Higgins, Navy - Served in World War II

Hometown: St. Cloud (Submitted April 3, 2009 by Kathleen Sanchez)

I would like to pay tribute to my father, Vernon J. Higgins. Originally from Mitchell, South Dakota, he was one of the many farm boys who served during World War II. He did several years of duty in the Navy aboard an LSM in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater. I always thought it ironic that a man who did not particularly care for water or like to swim would choose to be a sailor, surrounded by salty seas so different from his much-loved Dakota prairies. But I think that shows how he was able to overcome any fears and do what he thought was right. He cherishes the years he spent in the Navy. In his own quiet way he was proud of being able to help his family back home while honoring his commitment to the United States. He thought the world of his fellow shipmates and the ships’ commanding officers. My dad’s personal qualities and unassuming character -- ingenuity, patience, openness, natural intelligence and his dry, subtle wit – were much appreciated by all. And still are to this day. Dad, I love you so very much. Thank you for all you have done for our family.

In honor of Alex Hill, Marine Corps - Served 2 tours in Iraq

Hometown: Embarrass (Submitted October 20, 2008 by Sarah Snyder)

I am voting this year to honor my boyfriend, Alex. He served 2 tours of duty in Iraq and even now is thinking seriously about joining up yet again. Alex is a true veteran and I am very proud of him. Marines rule! I am also voting in memory of my brother Specialist Noah Pierce, Army. Noah served 2 tours in Iraq before taking his own life due to PSTD. Alex and Noah deserve this tribute as do ALL of our veterans.

In honor of Pvt. Henry Hiller, US Army - Served in the Civil War

Hometown: Waseca (Submitted November 11, 2008 by Karen Melser)

To honor my gr. grandfather who fought to save the Union.

In honor of Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Holden, Marine Corps - Serving in Iraq

Hometown: Camp Pendleton (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jessica McCandless)

I would like to honor my brother Aaron in my vote on Election Day. His service to each and every one of us will always be appreciated and respected. Thank you for all that you do Aaron.

In honor of Sergeant Jon Holden, Marine Corps - Served in Iraq

Hometown: Clovis, CA (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jessica McCandless)

My vote on Election Day will be to honor my special little brother Jon. His spirit and love of country is to be recognized and appreciated. Thank you Jon for all that you sacrifice for each and every one of us.

In honor of Bryan Holte, Army National Guard - Served in Iraq

(Submitted October 20, 2008 by Pat Holte)

Our loving tribute is to our son, brother, friend, and great Daddy Bryan, who bravely served in Iraq. Bryan does not take the freedoms we enjoy in our country for granted and is a living and loving example to us of the many brave men and women in our armed forces who serve valiantly. Our heartfelt thanks and love to you Bryan: Dad, Mom, Jenny, Kylah, Jon, Steve, Angela and Brittany

In honor of Earl Huber, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Saint Paul (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Natalie DeWitt)

I vote this year in memory of my grandfather. He left us just about a year ago, but has gone to a better place. A brave and honest man, who stood for his country, and his family, in any time of need. I love you Grandpa! -- Loved and remembered always!

In honor of James Huebsch, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Perham (Submitted September 25, 2008 by Jerome Huebsch)

I wish to honor my father, James Huebsch, who served in WWII in the South Pacific along with his brother, Joseph. Joseph was at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack, but was killed 9 months later on the USS San Francisco while saving another soldier. It was very hard for my father to accept the death of his brother.

In honor of CPL Rachael Hugo, Army Reserve - Served in Iraq

(Submitted October 20, 2008)

I am honoring Rachael L. Hugo. Rachael was a medic in the 79th Military Police Company, Rochester. MN. Rachael was deployed to Iraq in the fall of 2006 and while she was there she became known as "Combat Barbie". On October 5. 2007 Rachael was killed by in IED in Bayji, Iraq. We miss you Rachael and we will never forget you!!

In honor of Earl Ingebretsen, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Rural Felton, MN (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Loren Ingebretsen)

Earl was my Dad. He passed away 1 year ago on Oct. 25. He served in the South Pacific during WWII. He was attached to a chemical warfare group. One of the jobs he did was drive his C. O. around. When they were in the Philippine Islands, they were camped in a farmers field and the C. O. made arrangements for compensating the person who owned the land for the use of it. When I was reading Dad's memoirs that he had been writing when he died, I found an entry that gave me an insight into the heart of my Dad. He talked about having met people who worked for that land owner and noticed how poorly nourished they were. He found someone who was harvesting brown rice and bought a bag of it for that family. I often wondered when I was young why we got letters at Christmas from a family in the Philippines. Dad just said they were friends, but I guess when you are hungry in a war torn country and a young man who has only the amount a soldier saves buys food to keep your family alive, maybe that is the reason. Later in his memoirs he talks about being asked to come to their home. Wars are won in many ways. Dad and his generation fought to save the world and in the process cemented friendships that they carried with them to their graves! God Bless the boys and girls that went and came home as men and women - who quietly went back to work, to build lives and rebuild a nation! Dad your son is so proud of you!

In honor of Captain Walter Jacobsen, US Navy

Hometown: St. Paul (Submitted August 29, 2008 by Judy Wertheimer)

My Dad and 6 others on board a plane were testing
maneuvers before a mission. They all lost their lives. I honor what my father stood for every day he lived and the pride and honor he passed on to his children. Thank you Dad for helping keep us safe.

In honor of Sergeant Shannon Janisewski, US Army - Served in Afghanistan - Operation Enduring Freedom

(Submitted September 25, 2008 by Sarah Janisewski)

Shannon: Your service to country meant leaving your family behind, but knowing that freedom, hope and dreams for those who are oppressed would result. Your selflessness and dedication to the United States makes me proud to call you best friend and husband.

In honor of Tyler Jennison, Marine Corps - Serving in Iraq

(Submitted September 8, 2008 by J. Kalla)

Happy Birthday Tyler!

In honor of Chris Jensen, Army National Guard - Serving in Iraq

(Submitted September 2, 2008 by Natalie Petersen)

Thank you for your selfless service to all Americans, so that we may continue to enjoy our freedom.

In honor of Donald Jensen, US Army - Served in Viet Nam

(Submitted November 4, 2008 by Jackie Jensen)

I love you daddy, even though I don't like McCain I will vote for him for you. .

In honor of Arthur Johnson, Marine Corps - Served in Korea

Hometown: Crystal Minnesota (Submitted October 31, 2008 by John and Dede Johnson)

To honor Arthur Johnson as a war vet even though he can no longer remember, we can. Thank you Dad.

In honor of Arthur C. Johnson, Coast Guard - Served in World War II

(Submitted October 31, 2008 by Sean McVay)

My grandfather. A good man who, like many in the Greatest Generation, served his country with honor and returned home. He went on to raise a family of 6 children and by the time of his death had lived the American Dream he had fought to preserve. Forever in my thoughts.

In honor of Charles Johnson, Army

Hometown: Sandstone, Minnesota (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Deanne Johnson)

We would like to honor Charles for his service to his country and let him know how proud we are of him.

In honor of E4 Charles Johnson, Army - Served in the Vietnam War

Hometown: Deer River (Submitted April 2, 2009 by Timothy Wasut)

Charles Johnson has been an inspiration in my life. Spending a year in Vietnam in a Tank makes me realize how easy I have it in the Air Force even when I am deployed.

In honor of E4 Charles Johnson, Army - Served in the Vietnam War

Hometown: Deer River (Submitted April 2, 2009 by Timothy Wasut)

Charles Johnson has been an inspiration in my life. Spending a year in Vietnam in a Tank makes me realize how easy I have it in the Air Force when I am deployed.

In honor of Sergeant Harold Johnson, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Randolph, Minnesota (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Laurie Johnson)

My father is a WWII veteran. He fought in the First Special Service Force (a/k/a "The Devil's Brigade"), an American-Canadian unit. This group climbed up the back side of Mt. la Difensa which had been a German stronghold. From what I understand, allies had been trying to take this mountain for several weeks and suffered many casualties. My father's group took it in a few hours. However, while on top of the mountain, my father was hit in the chest and upper arms by shrapnel. Since his lungs would fill up with blood if he laid down, he had to walk down the mountain to get to an aide station (about a 5-6 hour walk down a goat trail). After the war, he returned home to Minnesota, married my mother and they raised 9 children and helped raise 16 grandchildren. The First Special Service Force has an annual reunion to this day. There have been a few in St. Paul and Minneapolis. In 2004, it was held in Minnetonka with a memorial service at the Airborne Circle at Fort Snelling and again in 2008.

In honor of PFC Kenneth Johnson, US Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Duluth, MN (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Jack Johnson)

My vote today was a salute to my father. He died many years ago, but no day passes without a thought of him, however fleeting. He was a member of the “greatest generation” and except for the years spent overseas during World War Two, he lived his entire life in Duluth—the only place he ever wanted to live. He landed at Normandy, fought his way through the fields and hedgerows of France with the 90th Division, and got a Purple Heart before returning to Duluth in the fall of 1945. One of my earliest memories is the night we waited for him to “come home from the war" and when he finally came in the door he was wearing his uniform. He lifted me over his head, swung me around, hugged me tight, and held me on his lap for the longest time. I was 2-1/2. When he finally got home, Dad’s goal was to put the war behind him and get on with his life—which he did. But he had experienced terrible things and the war never really left him. In that respect he was like millions of other veterans. Thanks, dad, for all you gave and thanks, too, to all our veterans whose sacrifices made it possible for me and my younger sister to cast our votes today.

In honor of Nate Johnson, Army - Served in Iraq

Hometown: St. James (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Lee Carlson)

I am happy to vote In honor of Nate Johnson, a former student and player of mine at SJHS. We were able to talk before he left and corresponded during his stay. His courage while serving his country was admirable but equally admirable was the service he showed to his host country and he worked to provide benefits to Iraqi schoolchildren. Upon returning to the States after his stint he looked for ways to serve his country back stateside. He is a great example of why we need to support all of our youth in school and extracurricular activities as he used these opportunities to protect and serve our country while leading others.

In honor of Reuben Johnson, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Lauri Svedberg)

My grandfather, Reuben F. Johnson, served our country in WWI and was a proud lifelong member/officer of the American Legion. He was part of a "tontine"---a group of soldiers who bought a bottle of wine upon discharge and pledged to save it until the last man was alive. Six decades later, when Grampa and one other buddy were left, they decided to hold a ceremony to share the bottle. It was a touching tribute to the lasting friendships formed in the military.

In honor of Reuben F Johnson, Army

Hometown: Chisago City, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jane Svedberg-Ballard)

My grandfather was a brave man who served his country well. He was one of the last members of the 40/8 club, where he was honored as Chef De gare. Reuben is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

In honor of Paul Johnson-Reuben, Marine Corps - Served in Iraq

Hometown: Buffalo (Submitted November 19, 2008 by Linda Johnson)

Paul Johnson-Reuben was a wonderful guy and left his twin brother, Patrick, in sorrow when we lost him in 2007 after being kidnapped in 2006. Patrick & Paul have always cared about people. Patrick, a Minneapolis Police Officer [somewhat] recently stopped a car driving erratically; and immediately determined the driver was having a heart attack & saved his life. Paul brought his love to help to those in Iraq. May God rest his soul; and that of his loved ones.

In honor of Herbert Jonas, US Army - Served in World War II

(Submitted August 22, 2008 by Fay Kaye)

My father escaped Nazi Germany. After living in a center for children in Holland for two years, he and his family made it to America. Upon completion of high school in the US, he joined the Army and went back to Europe to fight the Nazis. He was a paratrooper and landed in a glider behind enemy lines less than a mile from his hometown in Borken Germany. He went back to Borken to find it had been bombed. His old neighbors recognized him and wanted to know why the allies had bombed their churches! He earned 2 purple hearts and a bronze star.

In honor of Jerry Jorgenson, US Army - Served in Viet Nam

Hometown: Fairmont (Submitted November 11, 2008 by Alyson Strobel)

Always remembered! Never Forgotten!

In honor of Jerry Jorgerson, US Army - Served in the Vietnam War

Hometown: Fairmont (Submitted February 5, 2009 by Gary Highland)

I knew Jerry from little league baseball, Sunday school and raising hell in Fairmont in the early 60's. Great funny guy and a good friend when you needed him. He died too early. I've seen his mom and in her eyes I see the kid I knew.

In honor of Joe Kaproth, Army

Hometown: Foley, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jill Enquist)

I'm proud to say my dad fought for our country and my right to vote.

In honor of Sgt Walter Karkula, Air Force - Served in World War II

Hometown: Minneapolis (Submitted September 29, 2008 by Kathy Karkula)

I am honoring Walter, my Dad. He will always be a hero in my book. His advice, his example and what I learned from him will never be forgotten. Even though he passed away 9/1/07, I can still hear his loving voice. They just don't make Dad's like him anymore.

In honor of SPC Brett Keller, US Army - Serving in the Iraq War

Hometown: Stillwater (Submitted August 26, 2008 by Karla Keller)

This would be the first Presidential election Brett would be old enough to vote in, and he is proudly serving our Country in Iraq. I am encouraging everyone I know to vote because we have that opportunity. It should not be taken for granted.

In honor of SSG Wm Jesse Kelley, US Army - Served in the Operation Enduring Freedom

Hometown: St. Paul (Submitted August 25, 2008 by Pattie Kelley)

I don't know how best to find the words to honor my son as we approach this upcoming election, so I have chosen to use this poem I wrote in the days leading up to his deployment: I’M A SOLDIER’S MOMI'm a Soldier’s Mom ~ but do not weep for me. I'm waiting and praying. I'm on pins & needles. I toss and turn all night. He's my last thought before I finally fall asleep at night; my first when I wake each morning. I'm a Soldier’s Mom - but do not weep for me. I hear his words. I see his face and his posture as he says, "Mom. I'm ready to go. I'm prepared to go. It's my job to go. I'll volunteer to go. I need to get my mind set to go" I'm a Soldier's Mom ~ but do not weep for me. For me For you For our children and our children's children. For our Country For their Country. I'm a Soldier's Mom ~ but do not weep for me. I'm proud of my son's Patriotism, Inner strength, Vision, Dreams, Desire, Willingness. I'm proud to be an American. I'm proud to be Free. Yes ~ I'm a Soldier's Mom ~ but do not weep for me. I will be voting In honor of all our sons and daughters who have and continue to serve our Country.

In honor of John Kelly, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Minneapolis (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Kathleen Kelly)

This year I pledge my vote In honor of my late father. Dad, your generation's lives were forever changed by two cataclysmic events - the Great Depression and WWII. You handled both with grace and honor. Thank you so much for your service and for instilling in me your sense of fairness and love of country.

In honor of John Kelly, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Terry Kilian)

What a privilege it is to write a tribute to my dad, John M. Kelly, a WW II veteran. He really did not say to much about the war. He said "the heroes are the ones buried over there". He was on a ship to Australia. Most of the food on the ship was spoiled, even the bread was moldy. He was stationed in Iran, called Persia at that time. He was a supply sergeant. He told us they would buy a goat from the locals and roast it on a Saturday night. When my sister and I were going through some of his pictures we found one that showed whole streets with bodies hanging from gallows. He did not come home from the war until I was almost 4 years old. He was a stranger to me then, but he is a hero to me now. My election day will be filled with his memory.

In honor of Corporal Kareem Rashad Sulton Khan, Army, Served in Iraq

Hometown: Manahawkin, New Jersey (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Gene Christensen)

There are so many of my peers I could honor. My father is a Silver and Bronze Star decorated WWII vet. My recently deceased uncle, also a WWII vet. But I choose to honor this person I have only met through Colin Powell. A Muslim who gave his life for our country in part to teach us that Muslims too are patriotic Americans.

In honor of Marcellus Kilian, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: St. Michael (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Debby Dahlheimer)

I would like to pay tribute to my father who instilled in me a love of my country. He served in World War II and truly is one of the greatest generation. He was willing to give all for his country. He and I have loyalties to different parties and disagree on different issues, but I will always remember he was part of the reason I am able to vote and live freely. Thanks Dad.

In honor of John Kissel, Navy - Served in World War II and Korea

Hometown: Minneapolis (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Dianne Sonstelie)

To John, a fine citizen, who served his country at a very early age. Disappointed that he could not enlist with the army because of flat feet, he was eager to join the U. S. Navy that did not have that criteria. He told me of going to all the offices, anxious to join and help with the war effort. With the U. S. Navy during World War II, he was a gunner aboard ships in the Atlantic and Pacific. During siege, he saw fellow sailors lose their lives. I wish I could remember and that he was alive to tell me more of the events. Their ships were in many ports around the world. After the war, he re-enlisted and served more years. He served as an aircraft mechanic in several naval stations and ended his career as a recruiter. He daily flew the U. S. flag at his home and many events. He was a wonderful father. He was our dad!

In honor of John Kissel, Navy

Hometown: Minneapolis (Submitted December 12, 2009 by Paulette Kissel-Shreve)

I know that each member of my family has their own memories of my Father. His first career was 20 years in the Navy. When I refer to him in the time since he has passed, my thoughts go to something that I read. I could find no author it belongs to. But, for me it had special significance. "It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion. It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble. It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the VETERAN, not the politician, who has given us the right to vote. It is the VETERAN, who salutes the flag. “ I would add that my Father was this, and so much more. He was a loving man of great faith and strong convictions. He was not a perfect man who accepted imperfections in others. I think if I could choose the most important aspect that I loved about him, it would be his willingness to help everyone that he came in contact with. He had a wonderful voice, a gentle heart, loved dogs and always had a smile when he heard the laughter of his grandchildren. On birthdays and Christmas I will always miss the call from him with a special song. Love you Dad.

In honor of HM1 Donald Kleinfelder, Navy - Serving in Iraq

Hometown: Bellevue, WA (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Jim & Dianne Kleinfelder)

An 18 year man, with a family, Donald is serving his country with honor. Currently serving in Iraq, we could not be prouder of him and his dedication to duty.

In honor of James Kleinfelder, Navy - Served in Vietnam War

Hometown: Moorhead, MN (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Dianne Kleinfelder)

My husband served his country for 25 years, traveling the world in service of his country, including in-country in Vietnam from 1967-1968 with the Seabees. He is proud not only of his service, but that of his sister's son and step-son, and all those who are proud of their service.

In honor of Bernard Klejeski, Army - Served in Vietnam

Hometown: Barnum, MN (Submitted November 4, 2008 by Sue Powell)

This tribute is for my dad and all the other men and women who have sacrificed for my right to vote!

In honor of Lt. Cmdr. Gordon Kobernat, Navy - Served in World War II

Hometown: Cloquet (Submitted March 2, 2010 by Richard Kobernat)

To my Dad for serving our country in WWII in the US Navy. I followed him in the navy in Vietnam. Thanks!!!

In honor of James Kost, US Army - Served in Vietnam

Hometown: St. Cloud (Submitted October 1, 2008 by Sara Kost)

I never got to meet my Grandfather, James Kost. Sadly, he committed suicide before I was born. My family doesn't talk about it much, but from what I can gather, he had PTSD from what he saw in Vietnam. His experiences led to his depression and eventually the taking of his own life. I want to honor my grandpa this year by voting against this war and for improved Veterans' care. I don't want to see more men and women follow my grandpa's footsteps into depression.

In honor of Specialist Joshua Kulzer, Army National Guard - Serving in Iraq

Hometown: Shakopee (Submitted September 15, 2008 by Richard G. Evans)

Besides spending a several extra months in Iraq, my friend Joshua had actually re-enlisted knowing he very well might be sent over as a result. He had already served his active time and had no obligation to do so. Because of his example and that of his family, I have learned much about the military (being a civilian myself) and am now a part of a group called Vets for Freedom as a result. God bless Josh, Liz and Mallory!

In honor of Robert Kumor, Army - Served in World War II

Hometown: Chicopeed, MA (Submitted October 31, 2008 by Chris Channing)

My grandfather served this country in the European theatre of WWII. He landed at Normandy and fought his way across France which included action at the Battle of the Bulge. He never really talked about his service but it is because of men and women like him that I am able to participate in free elections. He instilled in me what a great honor and privilege it is to vote. I honor his sacrifice every time I fill out the ballot.