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About Minnesota

Minnesota in Profile

Learn about our great state, including population information, vital statistics, state parks and more!


Minnesota Government

See how our government is organized, how legislators are elected and how laws are passed and enforced by the State Judiciary.


How Elections Work

Ever wonder how political parties are formed? What a caucus is? How things get on a ballot? Learn all about it in the elections section of this site.


Official Documents

The Office of the Secretary of State files, retains and certifies the authenticity of a wide variety of official documents. Check out our beta version of a tool to search and view these documents online.

Get a Blue Book! The Legislative Manual, better known as the "Blue Book" has lots of information about Minnesota and Minnesota government.  Download the latest, in full or pocket version or view past blue books.

Symbols of Minnesota: click and drag to see more.

Minnesota Veterans Many Minnesotans have personal stories to share. These stories pay tribute to a veteran or an active-duty service member. This office encourages you to read these tributes.