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Notary Forms

Starting September 1, 2018. If a User’s payment for a filing is rejected or dishonored, for example, because of lack of funds in the account, the filing will remain on record, but it will not be in good standing, and that User will not be able to make any other filings on that or any other entities until the payment is made good.

Notary Application

Complete the Notary Public Application form to become a new Minnesota notary, renew your commission, reappointment because your commission expired, or need to update your name and address information.

Notary Public Application



To apply for e-Notarization, applicants must be currently registered as an active Minnesota Notary and have the capability to notarize electronically before requesting authorization to perform electronic notarizations. Physical presence of a person whose signature is being notarized is still required by law (359.01, subd. 5). Before performing electronic notarial acts, a notary public must register or in the case of a recommission, reregister, the capability to notarize electronically with the secretary of state.

E-Notarization Authorization


Remote Online Notarization Authorization

Before an applicant applies for Remote Online Notarization Authorization, the applicant must be currently registered as an active Minnesota Notary pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 359.01, Subd. 5, and must certify that the notary intends to use communication technology that conforms to Minnesota Statutes 358.645, Subd. 2. A remote online notary public must be physically located in this state to perform a remote online notarial act. A notary public must register, or in the case of a recommission, re-register for the authorization to perform remote online notarization with the Secretary of State.

Remote Online Notarization Authorization Application