Minnesota Secretary Of State - 2004 Precinct Results Spreadsheet
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2004 Precinct Results Spreadsheet

The Excel spreadsheet linked below includes election results, voting statistics and precinct information for each precinct in the 2004 General Election.

Federal and State Results by Precinct (.xls)

  • Election results: the spreadsheet includes totals for all filed candidates for U.S. President, and all major party candidates for U.S. Representative and State Representative. It also includes results for Supreme Court and Court of Appeals seats, as well as contested District Court seats.
  • Voting statistics: the spreadsheet includes data on registered voters, election day registrants, roster signatures, absentee ballots accepted, and total people voting.
  • Precinct information: the spreadsheet includes county code, municipality name and code, precinct name and code, election districts the precinct is in, and voting equipment used for that precinct.