Minnesota Secretary Of State - Special Elections
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Special Elections

Special elections are used to fill vacant offices or decide ballot questions; they can be scheduled at various times during the year, and may be held in conjunction with a regularly scheduled election. The following statutes govern special elections:

Upcoming Special Elections

The Office of the Secretary of State has been notified of the following special elections. Contact the local jurisdiction for details about the vacant office or ballot question. Last updated June 7, 2024.

Most special elections occurring on August 13 or November 5, 2024 will not be listed here--instead find special elections with these resources:

  • What's on My Ballot will list upcoming elections for a particular address
  • Candidate Finder will list upcoming special elections to fill vacancies and candidates as they are entered
  • A list of ballot questions will be compiled after the notification deadline (74 days before each election)

The Senate District 45 Special Election webpage has filing information for that special election. Candidates will appear on the Candidate Finder website and results will be included in the State Primary and State General Election results.

Special Election Dates

Most special elections may only be held on one of the following five dates:

  • Second Tuesday in February
  • Second Tuesday in April
  • Second Tuesday in May
  • Second Tuesday in August
  • First Tuesday after the first Monday in November
  • February 13
  • April 9
  • May 14
  • August 13
  • November 5
  • February 11
  • April 8
  • May 13
  • August 12
  • November 4