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Minnesota Counts

Minnesota Counts

The Secretary of State’s Office committed to deliver a safe and secure voting experience for every eligible voter. Now, it’s time to ensure accurate election results.

Election Results

About the Results

Outstanding Absentee and Mail Ballots

The 2020 Election will be different than we are used to. The time needed to process a higher number of absentee ballots means we may not know the final vote totals on election night. Election officials throughout Minnesota will be working to get ballots counted as accurately as possible, and so will appreciate patience from the public and the news media when results aren’t available as soon as in other years.

Although the Secretary of State displays unofficial election results on election night, the actual counting of the ballots is completed at the county level. Counties use a variety of equipment and procedures for this process, and some results might come in slower than others. 

A decision in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit means that ballots postmarked by Election Day, but arriving up to seven days later, must be segregated from those arriving on or before Election Day. Those ballots will be counted, and included in daily updates from the Secretary of State’s Office.

Remember, election results are always unofficial until certified by the state canvassing board.