Minnesota Secretary Of State - 2020 Electoral College Assembly
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2020 Electoral College Assembly

At noon on December 14, 2020, Secretary of State Steve Simon will preside over Minnesota's 41st Electoral College Assembly, where the state's ten electors will cast their votes for President and Vice President of the United States. 

The assembly will take place in the chambers of the Minnesota House of Representatives, in the Minnesota State Capitol. Video of the assembly will be livestreamed at the Secretary of State YouTube page, and available for viewing afterward. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, access to the electoral college assembly will be limited. Public seating is full. The event will be held in concordance with Minnesota Department of Health guidelines for COVID-19 safety. 

Order of the Day

Minnesota State Capitol
Chamber of the Minnesota House of Representatives
December 14, 2020 - 12 o’clock Noon

Call to Order
     Secretary of State Steve Simon

Pledge of Allegiance

     Secretary of State Steve Simon

Roll Call of Electors and Determination of Quorum
     Secretary of State Steve Simon

Reading of Certificate of Ascertainment
     Director of Elections David Maeda

Administration of Oath to Electors
     Secretary of State Steve Simon

Balloting for President and Vice President
     Electors, Secretary of State Steve Simon, and staff

Signing of Certificate of Vote
     Electors and Secretary of State staff

Signing of Vote Transmittal Form
     Electors and Secretary of State staff

     Secretary of State Steve Simon