Minnesota Secretary Of State - 2010 Primary Election Results
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2010 Primary Election Results

Votes for Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Candidate Party Total Votes Percent
Tom Horner and James A. Mulder Independence 11,380 64.24%
Phil Ratte' and Gayle-Lynn: Lemaster Independence 1,215 6.86%
Rahn V Workcuff and Mark F Workcuff Independence 815 4.60%
John T. Uldrich and Stephen Williams Independence 1,766 9.97%
Rob Hahn and Thomas J Harens Independence 2,538 14.33%
Ole' Savior and Todd "Elvis" Anderson Republican 4,396 3.37%
Leslie Davis and Gregory K. Soderberg Republican 8,598 6.59%
Bob Carney Jr and William McGaughey Republican 9,856 7.56%
Tom Emmer and Annette T. Meeks Republican 107,558 82.48%
Margaret Anderson Kelliher and John Gunyou Democratic-Farmer-Labor 175,767 39.75%
Peter Idusogie and Lady Jayne Fontaine Democratic-Farmer-Labor 3,123 0.71%
Matt Entenza and Robyne Robinson Democratic-Farmer-Labor 80,509 18.21%
Mark Dayton and Yvonne Prettner-Solon Democratic-Farmer-Labor 182,738 41.33%


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