Minnesota Secretary Of State - GeoJSON files
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GeoJSON files

GeoJSON is a geospatial data format based on JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). The GeoJSON files below are designed for use in online applications. They include voting precinct boundaries as well as the name, county, and election districts (US Congress, MN Senate and House, County Commissioner) for each precinct.

These files are intended to provide basic information regarding the location of election districts within the state. For the most accurate information on precincts and districts, as well as polling place information, please use the Polling Place Finder.


Statewide precincts  - December 2019 (6156 KB json)

Congressional District Current Files
(December 2019)
District 1 (southern Minnesota) C.D. 1 (960 KB json)
District 2 (south Metro) C.D. 2 (440 KB json)
District 3 (greater Hennepin County) C.D. 3 (380 KB json)
District 4 (Ramsey County and suburbs) C.D. 4 (230 KB json)
District 5 (Minneapolis and suburbs) C.D. 5 (180 KB json)
District 6 (northern Metro, St Cloud area) C.D. 6 (580 KB json)
District 7 (western Minnesota) C.D. 7 (1780 KB json)
District 8 (northeastern Minnesota) C.D. 8 (1610 KB json)